Parnass Hayom


The Parnas Hayom (Day of Learning) Program is a great way to model the value we place in learning and to give meaning to our acts of tzedakah.

Parnas Hayom provides the opportunity to:

  • Commemorate a yahrzeit
  • Honor a special person such as a parent, teacher, leader or friend
  • Celebrate a simcha such as a birth, birthday, wedding, anniversary or graduation
  • Learn in the merit of a loved one’s refuah shlemah (complete recovery

Your loved one or occasion will be recognized on the chosen day in the following ways:


Sponsor a study day at the Yeshiva


Sponsor a study day at the Kollel


Sponsor a study day at the Kollel Hatsot 


Sponsor a study day at the Kollel Erev  or Hatsot 


Sponsor a prayers day at the Shtiblech 24/7 Minyanim


Sponsor a day of prayer in the Shtiblech and the study of Beth Hamidrash 


Good reasons to contribute to the Ner Lamaor

There is no greater expense and higher priority investment than paying for my place and contributing to the expenses of my prayer place and my spiritual address, there are times in life that should be marked as anniversaries of one's relatives or unfortunately relatives who left us, we offer them a zeckut on the same occasion..

Dedicated to the memory of a deceased family member

- Yortseit
- Important Day
- Leilouy Nishmat
- Tsadik Hillula
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Dedicated for success or an event of a family member

- Anniversary
- Important Day
- Refoua Shelema
,- Hatslaha
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להצלחת המשפחה


לעילוי נשמת מזל בת ישועה ע”ה

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