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About Hachaim Vehashalom today and in the future

Hachaim Vehashalom is a vibrant shul set in the heart of Cedarhurst.  Under the leadership of Rabbi Daniel Obadia, Hachaim Vehashalom has blossomed into a center for Torah and avodah.  Hachaim Vehashalom follows the rite of the Moroccan heritage but also boasts of minyanim following Nusach Ashkenaz and Sefard.  

Hachaim Vehashalom also offers multiple minyanim for all the prayers of the day including Mincha and Arvit every half hour and multiple Shacharit minyanim. 

Hachaim Vehashalom is a very warm and welcoming shul.  Anyone who walks in, no matter background or heritage is made to feel welcome and offered coffee and cake as well.  Hachaim Vehashalom is always open and one can walk in any time of day to daven and learn and enjoy the stocked pantry. 

Hachaim Vehashalom is happy to have its very own Yeshiva and Kollel .

Hachaim Vehashalom also features its very own magnificiant men’s mivkah and a Simcha hall which is available for rent.

Minyanim - מניינים

Shacharit untill 10.30
Minha / Maariv Minyanim every half-hour untill midnight !
Refreshment 24/7
Mikvah on site

Weekly Zemanim

Nets, Shacharit, Minha, Arvit at the Beth Medrash,
Erev Chabbat & Shabbat Day, Kiddush, Seuda Shlishit ! Beth Midrash Shiurim
בית המדרש

Shiurim and Torah Learning

Halacka, Daf Yomi, Spacious and confortable Beth Hamidrash
Join the morning and night Baalei Batim Kollel.
שיעורי תורה



להצלחת המשפחה


לעילוי נשמת מזל בת ישועה ע”ה

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